【來自經典的變奏 - Vivid Audio】

我地已經成為 Vivid Audio 香港代理的指定經銷商,Vivid Audio Kaya 25 亦已抵達中橋 1905 陳列室喇

由殿堂級喇叭鸚鵡螺的總設計師 Laurence Dickie 為核心人物的 Vivid Audio,製造出外型上世間絕無僅有的 Giya 系列,無論外型及聲音都為 Hi-End 市場帶來全新角度,Vivid 的設計理念是使用精密計算的喇叭箱體外型,配合特別訂製的單元,將喇叭箱體的共鳴與共振大幅度消除

全新 Kaya 系列以較親民嘅價格讓 Hi-End 進入平常家庭,但仍然保留 Vivid 核心的箱體設計理念,配合 F1 賽車車身技術製作,以旗艦系列 Giya 同樣的玻璃纖維及發泡材質覆合型箱體,展現出色的音場規模及結像力

KAYA 25 Transparent sound on a scale.

The KAYA 25 is a two-way speaker, with the alloy-coned C125D drive unit handling both bass and mid frequencies. Adopting a technology previously used only in our GIYA bass drivers, the driver is fitted with a radial rare-earth magnet, which ensures clean, transparent sound right to the top of its range. The laws of physics (which we’re bound to obey) dictate that at the upper end of the frequency range, the sound becomes more focused and directional. To match this, the D26 tweeter is mounted in a shallow waveguide, ensuring that the sound field remains completely seamless. The effect is a compelling listening experience that holds your attention and draws you into the music: perfect for more concentrated listening, and enjoying music with nuance, depth and complexity

Specifications Vivid Audio KAYA 25
Configuration 2 way 2 driver system
Cabinet material Glass reinforced Soric-cored sandwich composite
Cabinet colour Piano Black, Pearl White, Oyster Matte
Bespoke colour Available on request
Drive units HF: D26 – 26mm tapered tube loaded alloy dome
LF: C125D – 1 x 125mm alloy cone
Bass loading Exponentially Tapered Tube enhanced bass reflex
Sensitivity 85dB @ 2.83VRMS at 1m on axis
Nominal impedacnce (Ω) 8 Ohm (7.5 Ohm Min)
Frequency range (Hz) 40 – 25,000 Hz (-6dB)
First D26 Break Up mode: 44,000 Hz
Harmonic distortion
(2nd and 3rd harmonics)
< 0.5% over frequency range at 1W
Cross over frequencies (Hz) 3,000
Recommended amplifier power 25W – 125W
Loudspeaker dimensions 1,160mm (H) x 263mm (W) x 340mm (D)
Net weight 24kg
Shipping dimensions 1,245mm (H) x 680mm (W) x 450mm (D)
Shipping weight 60kg (pair)